Progressive Divine Wisdom

The founding members of the Steering Committee of the Progressive Divine Wisdom Group of Dakar all received spiritual enlightenment, ranging from 33 to 40 years based on the teachings of The Urantia Book, from their spiritual teacher, Mr. Moussa NDIAYE. They are part of the Dakar Group and are joined by other learners of Progressive Divine Wisdom. These founding members were initially taught by Moussa, before receiving the teachings of the Progressive Divine Wisdom, in order to become spiritual educators of the Progressive Divine Wisdom.
From 1973 to 1981
Internal efforts in Dakar, Senegal.
From 2000 to 2016
Period of opening to the Urantia Movement and Moussa's visits to different European and American countries (Canada and the United States) from 2000 to 2012, and visits of foreigners in Dakar (about twenty during the period)
  • This shared experience was composed of the following stages:

    • From 1973 to 1981

      Sessions of questions and answers on various subjects, social, political, religious, etc., with Mr. Moussa NDIAYE, our spiritual educator, who had received from Mr. Jacques Weiss, at the end of the sixties, a copy of La Cosmogonie d'Urantia. The sessions, which gathered about fifty people, were held every Saturday for seven years at the home of Mr. Moussa NDIAYE in Dakar.

    • From 1981 to 1983

      After a seven-year period of questions and answers, and in response to the request of satisfied students, a systematic training on Progressive Divine Wisdom, based on the teachings of The Urantia Book, was given by Moussa NDIAYE. This is the training phase of the first teachers

    • From 1983 to 1988
      • Training of the first core group of teachers and continuation of activities with the newcomers
      • A series of "banquets" in the form of discussions at the homes of the young women (who constituted more than half of the members). The discussions focused on family and social issues. They led to an explicit request from the members to create a School of the Family
      • In-depth training for the first students who became educators of the new members starting in 1986
      • A series of 12 seminars on family and society with various specialists (Doctors, Lawyers, Social Educators, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Sociologists...), according to the understanding inspired by the Wisdom coming from the Truths of The Urantia Book. The conclusions of the works will be given to the newly created Ministry of Family, Child and Home of the State of Senegal in 1986.
    • From 1988 to 1989
      • Ongoing meetings every day of the week with groups of various levels
      • Organizing a series of four seminars on inter-religious dialogue (Islamic- Christian), with the presence of priests, imams, and members of the Progressive Divine Wisdom Group, including two seminars held at Moussa's home and two seminars in public places in Dakar
    • From 1989 to 1999
      • Training of new students by the older members of the Progressive Divine Wisdom at the same time as the weekly Saturday meetings at Moussa's home continue. (With the pedagogical requirement for the confirmed educators to respect the level of knowledge of the newcomers during the common meetings)
      • First telephone contact with Urantia Foundation through Georges Michelson- Dupont in 1998
      • Meeting with Norman Ingram and Roger Goffeney of The Fellowship in 1998, who stayed for a month in Dakar at Moussa's home and provided various reports to the Urantia Movement
      • Participation of Moussa and Doudou DIAGNE at the Parliament of the World Religions with Urantia Foundation in Cape Town in December 1999
      See the report of Norman
    • From 2000 to 2016
      • In all, nearly a thousand people have been touched by the Progressive Divine Wisdom Group from 1973 to 2000
      • Moussa's participation in the New York conference, with visits to Urantia Foundation in 2000, and in the Dourdan conference in 2002 with three members of the Progressive Divine Wisdom Group
      • Stay in Dakar of various leaders of Urantia Foundation and Urantia Movement (Georges Michelson- Dupond, Richard Keeler, Johan Vandewalle and Karuna Leys, Gaétan Charland and Line St-Pierre, Jeffrey Wattles, Guy Perron...)
      • Numerous stays in Dakar, nearly thirty (30) people, couples or small groups of readers from France, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Holland, etc, from 2000 to 2015
      • Training by Moussa on The Urantia Book teachings given in Nzérékoré Guinea, in a priest college of the Catholic Church, through the agency of Gaétan
      • From 2000 to 2010, training given by Moussa to French-speaking students either in March-April in France or Belgium, and in Canada in September
    • Since 2017
      • To follow up on a decision made in 2017, Organization of three "Dakar Summits" in 2018, 2019 and 2020 with Gaétan Charland, Line St- Pierre, Guy Perron, Agnès Lazar and Aurore Hennebert, to reflect on ways to perpetuate the training of the Progressive Divine Wisdom, after meeting Moussa in 2018 in Dakar and informing him of this project, which received his assent and blessings
      • Participation of members of the Progressive Divine Wisdom Group at conferences in Chicago, Medellin, Sherbrooke, Accra 2018, Amsterdam 2018, and Montreal 2019
      • Début de formation de la première promotion d’une quarantaine de lecteurs et non-lecteurs du Livre d’Urantia répartis dans plusieurs pays (France, Belgique, Sénégal, Cameroun, Tchad, Ghana, Congo, Iles de la Réunion, Comores, Angleterre, États-Unis, Haïti…) de juin 2020 à 2021. Cette formation donne suite à une série de rencontres sociales sur zoom, à la faveur du premier confinement lié à la pandémie COVID 19, en février et mars 2020
  • La mission essentielle du Conseil d’Administration, consiste à assurer le fonctionnement de l’École de Formation à la Sagesse Divine Progressive, en s’appuyant sur les révélations du Livre d’Urantia. Le Livre d’Urantia fait un exposé et une présentation de la Réalité, du Paradis et de la Source Centre des réalités éternelles, à l’homme. L’homme, dans son évolution, parcourt le cheminement inverse, et construit sa destinée, par expérience, avec les dotations actuelles et potentielles de sa nature de base, clarifiées par les concepts du Livre d’Urantia. L’approche pédagogique de la Méthode de Sagesse Divine Progressive, consiste à amener l’Étudiant, par connaissance et par expérience personnelle, à partir des révélations du Livre d’Urantia, à prendre conscience, puis à s’approprier des dotations actuelles et potentielles en lui, de manière progressive. Il sera accompagné à cet effet, par des éducateurs expérimentés et éprouvés. Tous les membres actuels du Conseil d’Administration, qui sont des éducateurs de longue date, sont requis également comme Éducateurs à la Sagesse Divine Progressive, afin de permettre aux Étudiants, de réaliser le désir du Maitre « Connais-toi, toi-même en Dieu. »

    To this end, and for these reasons and explanations, the mission of the Board of Directors is as follows.

    • To organize, conduct and evaluate the Progressive Divine Wisdom training.
    • To contribute to the dissemination of The Urantia Book's teachings and to the training of future educators through the Progressive Divine Wisdom training.
    • To establish the criteria for conferring the status of Progressive Divine Wisdom Educator upon those students willing to promote and disseminate the revelations of The Urantia Book.
    • To qualify all students, who so desire, as Progressive Divine Wisdom Educators upon completion of their training.

    This training is structured around classroom sessions, combined with spiritual sharing exercises and lectures. The sessions are based on modules designed around the texts and themes of The Urantia Book and are delivered in a way that enables students to know themselves as men and women in God, to experience their relationship with God within them, and their ability to collaborate actively and consciously with the plans of the Supreme.