Media Library

The Media Library has the archives of the PDWG. It contains photos and videos of events organized by the PDWG from its beginnings (1970s) till date:

  • photos of members and/or students at meetings, classes or sessions
  • photos of members of other sister associations from Africa, America and Europe in Dakar
  • photos of PDWG members participating in Urantia Movement activities in Senegal and abroad
  • Links to Moussa's teaching videos and presentations by PDWG members

Moussa's Training sessions

After the meeting with the Progressive Divine Wisdom Group in 2000, many readers of The Urantia Book came to Dakar in the years that followed. They sought to benefit from the educational approach of the Progressive Divine Wisdom. Subsequently, and in the interest of rationality, the AUQ (Association Urantia du Québec) organized annual meetings, inviting Moussa every year during the same period to Canada. These annual meetings were recorded by Gaétan Charland and include the seven seminars of Moussa, as well as an archive of the AUQ and the Progressive Divine Wisdom, which is a permanent and continuous manifestation of the relationship between Man and his Creator, the Universal Father.

  • First seminar

    The study of the Mental

    Faith frees men from intellectual slavery Men will know the truth and the truth will set them free.

  • Second seminar

    The study of the Ego

    There is first the mind consciousness—the comprehension of the idea of God. Then follows the soul consciousness— the realization of the ideal of God. Last, dawns the spirit consciousness—the realization of the spirit reality of God.

  • Third seminar


    In every living plant or animal cell, in every living organism—material or spiritual—there is an insatiable craving for the attainment of ever-increasing perfection of environmental adjustment, organismal adaptation, and augmented life realization. These interminable efforts of all living things evidence the existence within them of an innate striving for perfection.

  • Fourth seminar

    Thought Adjusters

    The Thought Adjuster is engaged in a constant effort to spiritualize your mind so as to evolve your

  • Fifth seminar

    The study of the Soul

    Mind is your ship, the Adjuster is your pilot, the human will is captain. The master of the mortal vessel should have the wisdom to trust the divine pilot to guide the ascending soul into the morontia harbors of eternal survival.

  • Sixth seminar

    Religious Experience

    “Do not allow the greatness of God, his infinity, to obscure or overshadow his personality.” "He who drew the ear, will he not hear? Will he who formed the eye not see?

  • Seventh seminar


    Prayer, unless in liaison with the will and actions of the personal spiritual forces and material supervisors of a realm, can have no direct effect upon one’s physical environment. While there is a very definite limit to the province of the petitions of prayer, such limits do not equally apply to the faith of those who pray.

** While watching the videos, keep in mind the context and time during which the seminars were recorded.

Seminars of the PDWG

Throughout the past few years, PDWG members have facilitated or made presentations on themes and topics related to The Urantia Book Revelations. They have also published in various Urantia Book readers' associations. These presentations were made during on-site events in Accra, Ghana, Amsterdam, or Montreal and sometimes by videoconference.


The Urantia Book

  • Description

    It provides answers to questions about God, about life in the inhabited universe, about the history and future of this world. Drawing on the world’s religious heritage, The Urantia Book describes an endless destiny for humanity, teaching that living faith is the key to personal spiritual progress and eternal survival.

Free access

Opening Doors Within

  • Description

    There is a place for everyone in the world, but you have to search and find where you fit is and what your role is. If you are afraid to take responsibility for sharing new things, don't try to stop the souls who have the will to do so. Realize that those souls who have been trained and inspired to undertake this task will do it, for that is their job. Find your rightful place in the grand scheme of things and don't get upset if you're not on the front lines. Through the message of the “Small Voice” that speaks to us internally, Eileen Caddy leads us daily to cultivate calmness and peace of mind, which are prerequisites to discovering and experiencing the Presence of the Universal Father within each of us.

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The Impersonal Life

  • Description

    Reserved for very advanced students in the Progressive Divine Wisdom courses and upon request.

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The Journey with the Master

  • Description

    Eva Bell Weber presents in this book a practical guide that reminds and teaches us that: “When we travel with the Spirit within us, we must travel alone, for it is only when we disentangle ourselves from the outer form of things of the earth that we can make the journey from the senses to the Soul. And that until we have made this journey, alone, with Spirit, we are not equipped to lead others on the Way.”

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A Study of the Master Universe

  • Description

    Reserved for very advanced students in the Progressive Divine Wisdom courses and upon request.

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Reaching high

  • Description

    This is extraordinary! There is so much in this book. The answers to the spiritual questions I had been asking myself for years. “This is the typical reaction to reading this book, “Reaching High: The Psychology of Spiritual Living”, Marvin Gawryn, a professional psychological counselor, has created a remarkable symbiosis of practical psychology and spiritual insight. A total introduction to the spiritual life... written with strength and simplicity... Stark in its statements... Always focused on the personal experience of the seeker. A powerful and direct book. M Gawryn does not mince words. He addresses the fundamental questions of our time. There is no vague thought here! On the contrary, page after page, we discover an acute perception of the mechanism of the spiritual life. Finally! A “How To” manual for the spiritual seeker. The table of contents is inspiring. It begins with the foundations of human personality, rises to the heights of personal relationship with God... and reaches crucial points throughout the publication. Spiritual growth from A to Z."

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