Training sessions

The first study session is always preceded by a zoom meeting of sharing, testimonies and introduction, with the members of the Pedagogical Council, who direct the Training sessions, and among whom, are the animators of the sessions. This tradition of welcoming new students, carried out in person for all new Divine Wisdom Students since 1973, has been maintained via the zoom as a preamble to the first study session.
Upon completion of the twelve seminars of study, ranging from the Study of Man to the Study of the Supreme, Students are qualified to become an Educator according to the Progressive Divine Wisdom.

1st seminar on the study of the Consciousness

“Faith frees men from intellectual slavery. Men will know the truth and the truth will set them free."

  • After completing the 1st seminar (Study of the Consciousness), the student is qualified and authorized to participate in weekly sessions by videoconference in his geographical area: • Europe/Canada Group on Friday afternoons for students from Europe and Canada • Africa and Diaspora Group, Saturday afternoons, for African students on the continent or abroad • Haiti/Americas Group, Sunday afternoons once every 3 weeks for students.

2nd Seminar on the Study of the Ego

“First there is the mental consciousness: the understanding of the idea of ??God. Next comes the consciousness of the Soul: the understanding of the ideal of God. Finally dawns the consciousness of the spirit: the clear understanding of the spiritual reality of God. »

3rd Seminar on Life

“In every living plant or animal cell, in every living organism—material or spiritual—there is an insatiable desire to attain an ever-increasing perfection of adjustment to the environment, of adaptation of the organism, and of increased life-realization. These endless efforts of all living creatures prove in them the existence of an innate search for perfection. »

4th Thought Adjuster Seminar

“The inner Spirit in man is engaged in a constant effort to spiritualize your mind so as to evolve your morontia soul, but you yourself remain almost oblivious to this inner ministry. »

  • After completing the 4th seminar (Thought Adjusters Study), the student is qualified and authorized to participate in the quarterly sessions by videoconference, bringing together all the Students of Progressive Divine Wisdom, as well as in Thematics as a presenter, or as a member.

5th Seminar on the Study of the Soul

“The mind is your ship, the Spirit is your pilot, the human will is the captain. The master of the mortal vessel should have the wisdom to trust in the divine pilot to lead the ascending soul into the morontia havens of eternal survival.”

6th Seminar on nature of God

“Do not allow the greatness of God, his infinity, to obscure or eclipse his character. “Will he who drew the ear not hear? He who formed the eye will he not see? »

7th Seminar on Prayer

“Unless connected with the will and actions of personal spiritual forces and material rulers of a realm, prayer cannot have a direct effect on your physical environment. The realm of prayerful supplication has well-defined limits, but these limits do not apply equally to the faith of those who pray. »

  • After completing the 7th seminar (Study of Prayer), the student is qualified and authorized to participate in daily and collective prayers for “Peace on Earth and Goodwill among men”.

8th Seminar on Religion in Human Experience

Religion is not a technique for obtaining a static and serene mental peace; it is an impulse to organize the soul for dynamic service. It is the enlistment of the totality of individuality in an allegiance to love God and serve men.

9th Seminar on the Real Nature of Religion

“Reason is the proof of science, faith is the proof of religion, logic is the proof of philosophy, but revelation is validated only by human experience. Science brings knowledge, religion brings happiness, philosophy brings unity, and revelation confirms the experiential harmony of this triune approach to universal reality. »

10th Seminar on the Foundations of Religion

“Knowledge gives rise to pride in the fact of personality; wisdom is awareness of the meaning of personality; religion is the experience of knowing the value of personality; revelation is the assurance of personality survival. »

11th Seminar on The Reality of Religious Experience

“Faith, the religious insight of men, can be taught with certainty only by revelation; it can only be increased with certainty by the personal experience of mortals with the presence of the spiritual Adjuster of the God who is spirit. »

12th seminar on the Supreme

“WITH God the Father, the great relationship is sonship. With God the Supreme, achievement is the prerequisite for status – one must do something as well as be something. »

  • After completing the seminars, the Student is qualified to become an Educator according to the Progressive Divine Wisdom, and a member by right of the GSDP

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  • Educator
    DIAGNE Assane

    A senior technician in electrical engineering, and retired since 2021, Assane was trained by Moussa's Seminars, to become a teacher of the Progressive Divine Wisdom, from 1990. He also participated in seminars and activities on Family and Society, and also in Meetings on Interreligious Dialogue, Islamic-Christian. He has worked hard to spread the systematic teachings in his own family, and even shared them with his father. Currently, he coordinates with Khatabe and Amsata, the Training of the 2nd Class of Senegalese educators to the Progressive Divine Wisdom, but also with his brother educators, those of African educators and other continents. Assane is married, father of 3 children, 2 daughters and a son, and grandfather of 2 grandchildren.

  • Educator
    NDIAYE Moustapha

    A member of the Progressive Divine Wisdom Group since 1975, Moustapha is an electrical and telecommunications engineer, retired since 2017. He has been teaching Divine Progressive Wisdom since 1983, so nearly 40 years. He has participated in all the Teaching Seminars, and those related to the Family and Society, in the training of trainers, and in the Meetings on Islamic-Christian Dialogue, in Dakar. He was present at many events organized by Urantia Foundation and Urantia Association International in France, Canada, the United States, Colombia, and Ghana. He took part in the Parliament of the World's Religions in Salt Lake City, USA, in 2015. Moustapha is married and has a daughter and two sons, one of whom is the designer of this website with a friend.

  • Educator
    FALL Amsata

    Since the beginning of the "Questions - Answers" sessions, and of the teaching of the Progressive Divine Wisdom, Amsata settled in France in 1982. He continued his training during his vacation periods in Senegal, and through Moussa's annual visits to Europe, from 2000 onwards, either in France or in Belgium. In 2002, he is also a participant in the International Urantia Conference in Dourdan, France, organized by the Association Française des Lecteurs du Livre d’Urantia. He benefited from many exchanges during the visits of the Progressive Divine Wisdom Group members in Paris. He was part of the main facilitators and coordinators of the social group on Zoom, during the 3 months of containment, following the COVID 19 pandemic. This Zoom social activity led to the actual approach of the teaching of Progressive Divine Wisdom, outside of Senegal, and after Moussa’s absence. Amsata is a Commercial Development Officer in Insurance, married with a son and a daughter, and lives in Paris.

  • Educator
    NDIAYE Khatabe

    Khatabe is an urban planner by profession and an entrepreneur. He has participated, since 1976, in the "Questions - Answers" sessions held every Saturday at Moussa's home, before attending the Seminars and activities on Family and Society. He was also present at the Meetings on Interreligious Dialogue in Dakar. He has been teaching Divine Progressive Wisdom since 1985. He has taken part in the different courses conducted by Moussa, for readers in several European and American countries. At the Amsterdam Conference organized by UAI and Urantia Foundation in 2018, he contributed to the discussions. Khatabe is married with 3 children, including an adopted one. He hosts a group of teenagers in his home who regularly discuss God's relationship with mankind from the point of view of the revelations of The Urantia Book.

  • Educator
    DIAGNE Mamadou

    Doudou is a retired philosophy teacher in Dakar. He took part in all the activities of the Progressive Divine Wisdom, in the training of trainers’ sessions, facilitated by Moussa. He was also present at the series of Seminars and activities on Family and Society, as well as at the Meetings on Interreligious Dialogue, specifically Islamic-Christian. In 1999, he participated with Moussa in the 2nd Parliament of the World's Religions, in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2018, he attended the Accra Conference organized by the Urantia Association International. That same year, he was able to teach the lighter content of the Progressive Divine Wisdom to students at a private college in Senegal. Doudou has been teaching Divine Progressive Wisdom since 1983, for nearly 40 years. He is married and has two daughters.

    To register for the study sessions, please fill out the following form.

    To register for the study sessions, please fill out the following form.